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Everything about temp mail or temp email.

Updated: May 12

Temp mail address

1. What is tempmailaddress?

Ans. The tempmailaddress or temp mail address also known as Disposable Temp Mail or fake mail address. This is nothing but normal email address with limited resources. User not required any form filling to open tempemailaddress. The tempemailaddress service aim is to provide email address to someone with whom you don’t want to keep contact in future. That mean the validity of such email is only for a day.

2. Why and when this temp email address is required?

Ans. Sometime user not wishes to share his/her email address to the sender or sometimes Ethical Hackers use such emails to trace hacker. While using free tools they asking email address and send user verification email, to use such tools and verify email address tempmailaddress also been used.

3. What is benefit of the tempmailaddress Provider Company?

Ans. The company can gather traffic to their site and can show advertisement. The advertisement is main source of revenue of these companies.

4. What are the some temp email service provider company names?

Ans. There are so many best temp mail or free tempmailaddress providing companies in india/world gives email services such as, https://temp-mail.org, https://tempail.com, https://tempmail.net, https://tempail.com, www.tempmailaddress.com, https://emailfake.com

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What is Gmail temporary email address?

Ans: There is no Gmail temporary email address as they don’t provide such service.

2. Which service provide is best temp mail?

Ans: Mentioned all are good service provider and they don’t charge amount for their services.

3. How can I send temporary email?

Ans: Temporary email service is meant to receive email not to send.

4. Can I use temp mail for facebook?

Ans: We can’t use temp mail for facebook.

5. Which is best temp mail service provider?

Ans: https://temp-mail.org, https://tempail.com, https://tempmail.net, https://tempail.com, www.tempmailaddress.com, https://emailfake.com

6. Can I recover temp mail address?

Ans: You cannot recover temp mail address.

7. What is free disposable email address?

Ans: The free disposable email address is nothing but tempmailaddress.

8. Can I use this as fake email and password?

Ans: You will get email address without registration hence password is not required for this service.


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